Booking Information

The Church Hall and the Church itself (with an audio\visual and WiFi system) are available for hire.

After the availability of the facilities has been confirmed to you, you can make a booking by printing the Hiring Agreement, signing it, and sending it to the given address with your deposit. Note that we only offer party bookings for children younger than 11 years.

Please read the associated four forms below for information, prices and conditions. 

  • Hiring Charges – costs of hiring the pastoral centre (hall) and church building.
  • Terms of Hire – information about what is expected of the hirer and the church, capacity, etc.
  • Hiring Agreement – print and return this completed form to make a booking
  • Indemnity – information about indemnity of the church

Contact us about hiring or inspecting the facilities by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Bookings\Enquiry Form’ tabs.